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Author Topic: Leon, Forum and Album  (Read 3910 times)
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« on: April 04, 2008, 06:54:42 PM »

A little bit of happy news for you all. After receiving such a warm welcome from all the Tinyfishes that attended the gig at The Peel a while back and in part to a creeping stealth campaign via the net by some of you folks out there which, admittedly we in the band were willing members of; Leon Camfield has agreed to stay on with Tinyfish for the live shows. Naturally this makes us all feel immensely smug as not only do we get to keep (in our opinion) one of the best drummers in prog right now, you'll all be able to continue to yell abuse at him via our website and on stage.

Happy days.

In other news, we hear you loud and clear about the forum (thanks for all your responses) and as such, Rob Ramsay is hard at work developing it specifically for the Tinyfish homepage. If all goes well, we should have it up and running before the release of the new album. I'll continue to post blogs both here and also on the new forum for a while but eventually, I will just post to the forum as it will afford me more time to watch re-runs of The West Wing while sitting in my favourite self cleaning bean bag, clad in nothing but my socks and underpants, whilst drinking glass after glass of Dr Pepper. I worry sometimes that my Adonis like physique might slip slightly but I'm sure I'll be fine. That's the benefit of being both a hedonist and a solipsist. Live purely pleasure because I don't care and you don't exist.

I really should go into politics.

In other news, it looks as if John Mitchell (of Frost*/It Bites/Kino/Area fame) might be sitting in the engineers chair for the duration of our time in the studio. How did we convince him to bring his immense talents as both a musician and Reading's top stunt unicyclist you may ask? Well, it was a simple matter of the whole band tailing him home after the Peel show and then sitting in his garden for three days and nights crying until he finally agreed to do it.

So to start the ball rolling, In April, I'm plonking my drummer's hat back on once more and diving head first into the rhythm tracks, then the rest of the band will be hard at work throughout May and June tracking the other instruments, the intended aim is to have the album available at Summers End 2008. Even though Tinyfish will not be playing the festival, it's a great opportunity to promote the album and say hello to many old & new faces.

We're also talking about the possibility of a launch party somewhere in the UK to coincide with the release of the album. As is customary at such events, there will be party hats, balloons, ice cream and maybe even a quiz because naturally, to do anything else would simply just not be rock and roll. I'm sure you all agree.

Returning to the now, this Saturday (1st of March), Rob, Paul and myself will be up at (surprise, surprise) The Peel to see Credo and Jebo strut their stuff and the following day we'll all trek up to some benighted part of the world north of London, were our guitarist and professional graphic designer Jim Sanders has chosen to make his home. The idea is to drink all his tea and discuss what kind of album cover should adorn the new CD.  If you have any suggestion, please let us know and we will be glad to smile politely as you talk, before bundling you into a large sack and leaving you to die of exposure on some waste ground.

It's only fair after all.

Lots of Love,

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