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Author Topic: Jimbo Techs For Steve Rothery  (Read 2978 times)
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« on: April 04, 2008, 07:02:52 PM »

Amidst the hazy wreathes of smoke that laced the air in the small European café, their eyes met. The man in black quietly stood and with a steely resolve, glided over to the table at the other side of the room to where the newcomer sat. A brief silence hung between the two men like a fly caught in amber until eventually the question they both knew has to be asked forced itself upon them.

"Hi Jim, could you change the strings on this guitar please?" said Steve Rothery
"No problems Steve." replied Jim Sanders.

Yes folks, our very own guitar genius Jim Sanders, is happily helping out the one and only Steve Rothery of Marillion as guitar backline technician for some UK shows over the next few months. Steve’s regular guitar tech, Colin Price, is currently touring with Iron Maiden so when Rothers asked who could fill in, Colin put forward Jim’s name.

As many of you may already know, Jim has had ties with Marillion for some time now. He designed a recent DVD cover for the band and has also helped out on merchandise for their most recent European Tour. Steve & Colin were impressed with Jim’s professionalism and also his talent for making toast and mayonnaise go with anything. It’s a gift few other techs in the business can boast.

In other news, the album is progressing well. I’m rehearsing the drum parts like mad as we are due up at John Mitchells ’Outhouse’ studios in mid April to record the main drum tracks and depending on how well I play, a long list of expletives. In my previous life as drummer, I had a habit of letting the sticks fly out of my hand while playing which meant any musician close by had to be ready to duck at a moment’s notice or risk being speared. That said, I got rather adept at stick chucking by the end of my tenure, so not all of them were (how shall I put this?) unintentional.

But I digress; once the drums are down, I hope to give you a few audio snippets of our work and maybe, even some video evidence of our efforts (please forgive me in advance for any swearing you might hear or even lapses into unconsciousness due to drink and/or exhaustion).

Personally, I find recording to be nowhere near as much fun as writing songs or performing the music in front of a crowd but thankfully the whole ’making a record’ bit is made enormously more fun by having Jim, Paul and Rob around. I’ve known these tossers for years and they are always there to add their own brand of brilliance to the process and to stop me throwing immature temper tantrums just because my computer won’t play ball with me.

I know it’s good to keep your ’inner child’ alive to help foster the muse but they did point out that banging your hands and feet on the floor while simultaneously wetting yourself, is probably not the best way to get the rhythm guitars recorded. This is a lesson every front man has to learn at some point in their lives.

As mentioned before, we hope to deliver the new album to Dave Robinson of F2 music around the end of July/start of August with the intention of making it available for the gigs we have planned for later in the year.

Our last gig for the early part of this year will therefore take place at the Riga club in Southend on Friday May the 9th with the magnificent Jump. Now, if you haven’t seen these guys yet, they are really worth a look see. For the past decade, Jump have produced some of the best words and music we can think of. They also have the advantage of having singer/wordsmith John Dexter Jones in their number, who is (in our opinion), one of the best front men this island has produced since Fish picked up a microphone.

I’ll post again about the gig, closer to the time but as ever, we’re really looking forward to the night and hope very much to see you all down there.

Oh and one final word, Rob is just putting the finishing touches to the new Tinyfish forum and I hope that it will be up and running sometime in April. When it is up and running, please try to refrain from posting pics of your pants as that’s my job.

Lots of love


"I'm just an angry wig on a stick." - Thea
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